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Hi! I'm Moon Jelly, a freelance singer, music producer, lyricist, artist, voice actress, and virtual streamer.

I am always open to work on both commercial and individual projects, please contact me!

Illustration: @misote_ru_v (Twitter)


Music Production / BGM : Open
Vocals and Lyrics : Open
OTHER: Contact me

Illustration: @Uu3cm (Twitter)

Music Production
Background music

Status : Open
Turnaround time: 1-2 months

Background Music Rates:
$100 - $150 per 30s

Includes a loopable instrumental-only song of your desired length. The lossless .wav file will be provided. Rates vary based on layering, complexity, and speed. Recommended length is 1m to 1m30s.

Full Song Production Rates:
(With Lyrics and Vocals) $200 - $400 per 30s
(Instrumental Only) -$100 to regular price

Includes a full song with lyrics, vocals, and instrumental backing track. Two .wav files will be provided - one for the instrumental-only, and another with vocals fully mixed and mastered. Lyrics will also be included in .txt format. Rates vary based on layering, complexity, and speed.

Official References

NameMoon Jelly
Age16 Centuries (1601 years)
Height142cm (4'8") / 152cm (5'0")
BirthdayFebruary 15
OccupationAlien / Princess
Bust SizeAA / F

Other Illustrations

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Lyric Writing

Status : Open
Turnaround time: 1-2 months

All prices include commercial price.

Full Feature:
$200 - $300 / Half Feature: $100

I will write and sing original lyrics and melody for your track, including harmonies and double takes. I will be sending all raw vocal files in lossless .wav format. Rates vary based on song speed.
Half features are for hooks up to 8 bars.

Lyric and Melody:
$100 - $200

I will write original lyrics and main melody (if not already written) for your track. I will also record a rough vocal guide for reference. Rates vary based on length and song speed.
I also offer ghost writing. Please contact me.

Vocal Only:
$150 - $250 / Hooks: $60

I will sing for one full song with your provided lyrics and melody, including harmonies and double takes. I will be sending all raw vocal files in lossless .wav format. Rates vary based on song speed.
Hooks are for vocal segments up to 8 bars.


Status : Closed

Closed until further notice.

Welcome to my gallery! ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)

I have been singing freelance for 3-4 years; my vocals and lyrics have been featured on music labels such as UKF, Trap Nation, and Firefly Music. I am able to sing fluently in English, Japanese, and Mandarin.

I started producing music in August of 2020, and have consistently been making music since then.

Solo Productions

Personal projects that feature music, vocals, art, lyrics, and video done entirely by me.


Background music composed for streamers, inspired by various VGM.

Vocals and Lyrics

Productions that my voice is featured in, with melodies and lyrics written by me


Please click here to read my Terms of Service before commissioning me.
You can contact me through Twitter DMs or email me using the form below!

When inquiring about a commission, please include an idea (rough or detailed) about what you have in mind. Information such as speed, length, and mood are especially helpful. Any auditory or visual references are also much appreciated.

Terms of Service

I will take the commission only if I am confident that I can create the music, or provide the vocals and lyrics that you envision. Please contact me if you are interested and we can discuss about it!For BGM and Full Productions, song length may slightly deviate from the commissioned length.Music/BGM commissions can take up to 12 weeks. Vocals/Lyrics commissions can take up to several months. Rush fees can be incurred if required.If you intend to use the music for any other reason other than streaming, please let me know beforehand.Refunds are not possible unless I exceed the agreed commission period.I can do minor adjustments to your preference up to three times during the drafting. Additional or major requests will incur extra charges.For Music/BGM commissions, you are not allowed to directly profit from the music (such as re-selling it on bandcamp and re-uploading it as a monetized video) or claim it as produced by you. If you intend to do so, please inform me as it will then be a commercial project.For Music/BGM commissions, I reserve the right to upload the music to YouTube, SoundCloud and Twitter after the commission is complete, unless you tell me otherwise, in which I will comply under most circumstances.

Thank you!

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